ashwood carboot sale

ashwood carboot sale - tips for sellers

There is no need to book, just turn up anytime after 6.00 am.

Booters are not allowed to sell

Counterfeit, Illegal, Stolen Goods, Cigarettes, Imitation Firearms, Knives etc.
Animals eg; Puppies, chickens, Kittens

Below you will find a general list of car boot tips

  1. Pack your car up and bring with you a paste table to set up on and if possible a sheet to cover your table with in case of a shower.
  2. Take some carrier bags, folding chairs, sheets of plastic as a cover or to spread on the ground (good for displaying clothes), warm jackets, sun hats, an umbrella, sun cream, wet wipes etc.
  3. When you get there, there will be people who will swarm round as soon as you arrive - don't let it panic you and think carefully when you tell them how much you want for stuff - half of your first batch of sales are probably going to be to people who also have stalls, they'll be professionals Who’ll buy something for £2 and it'll be on their stall ten minutes later for £5. To avoid this once you've been guided into place, lock your car up and walk away for a few minutes then the professionals will have moved on to the next Booters who are arriving.
  4. Have in mind what your prices you want for your goods and wait, don't sell all your best stuff for a knockdown price within five minutes of getting there, you can always reduce your price a bit, if its not sold, as the day goes on.
  5. Don't be afraid to say "no" (politely of course) to offers and have a counter offer ready.
  6. Take lots of change and a container with a lid for money taken. Once you have a few notes, lock these in your car or put them safely in your pocket. Don’t leave your money tin on the table, there are to many people who will distract you and someone could take it.  Take something secure to put your money in. A money belt is best, because then no one can run off with it.
  7. Buy a packet of little price tags, and price up everything before you go. Some people will haggle, but many people won't, and if there's no price, won't give it
    a second look. Take the stickers with you, so you can drop/up your prices throughout the morning as required.
  8. Its great if a friend/relative comes along for moral support and help with setting up/packing away.
  9. Take some small change. Make sure that you know how much you've brought, so you can work out your earnings.
  10. Don't be shy... It’s amazing what some people will buy. It's great fun, and as long as you make your pitch money back, then you've lost nothing.
  11. Pack some sun cream, unless you want a sunburned face!
  12. Make colourful signs for any larger/more expensive items, with any useful information in bold letters.
  13. Put a smile on your face, it will attract people to your stall.
  14. Some Booters like to buy from other Booters to compliment what they've got to sell, that's great fun if you like people watching and wheeling and dealing. You’ll be amazed at familiar faces from the past and present that you will see. I once took half a car load to a car boot, made over a hundred pounds and had that much stuff left it took me all my time to fit it in the car, and it was great fun.
  15. Don't be worried about taking anything back home with you. What doesn't sell today, will sell next week.
  16. If you're there mainly to clear out junk, then take any reasonable offer. Some people usually price their stuff quite low (mainly because their mother has a house of old junk that they're trying to deplete for her!). You'll get a feel for pricing as you go along.
The main thing is to ENJOY it. It's great fun, and think of all the clutter you're clearing out!  Good luck.
ashwood carboot
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